If Bloomberg was consistent (they wouldn't be evil)

Quick, guess which headline is actually the far-left anti-business "business channel" headline and which is the mockup?

It's not just Bloomberg of course... over at Global News (who always lie about conservatives), it's a "dark and dangerous moment in modern American history". Back when niggers were mad that a criminal died of COVID while a cop's knee was on his neck that wasn't a "dark and dangerous moment" according to Global News but instead people were "calling attention" to a perceived injustice...which is totally different than what happened in Washington yesterday, apparently.

(as always, the Babylon Bee totally nails it: "Mostly Peaceful Protestors Breach US Capitol")

Who else nailed it? Mark Steyn obviously has hit on this theme numerous times: in 2017 on the Tucker Carlson show he noted the link between free expression and political violence:

Steyn was reacting to Tucker Carlson's monologue regarding corporations and progressives censoring speech of offensive factions.

He agreed that, while white supremacy is abhorrent, stifling the rights of more moderate factions lead to those factions finding other ways to express themselves.

"The less freedom of speech we have, the more we have what we saw over the weekend," he said. "All you can do is blow things up and shoot people."

"It always starts off with [white nationalist websites], but it goes further than that," he said. 

And of course what's happened since early November is that Big Tech has been actively banning speech that dares to suggest that the 2016 election was rigged. Oh, wait, sorry, that's the 2020 election...you're totally allowed to express (false) beliefs about the validity of Trump's victory. #StopTheSteal rallies have had their media coverage suppressed, their hashtags shadowbanned, and their evidence and red-flags ignored.

So why act surprised when, as Kate at smalldeadanimals always says, conservatives are learning that not rioting has been a public policy failure? Why act surprised when the ballot box doesn't work that maybe revolution is worth a try?