Your goal should always be to piss off the right people. I can stand tall, since I've clearly done this.

Good advice.

(Oh, though as I noted in a comment below: liberals mad at me please advise which of these three facts is true -- only one can be):

  1. There is no "Media Party"
  2. There is no "sodomite agenda"
  3. Third Edge of the Sword is a small insignificant blog
I happen to think that it's (3). Those who wrote/followed this story must think it's either (1) or (2). After all, who fed this woman the story? Does she have that poofter Kris Wells on speed dial? The next time that fruit is using public educational resources for some faggy endeavour, will she call up a social conservative for a counter-point? No? Sounds like she's in the Media Party. And he's promoting the sodomite agenda.

And here I am: still calling them out on it.