@MikeStaresinic - Come back Senator Cotton! All is forgiven!

Deploying the army against citizens? It's wrong. So very very very wrong to have official people with guns ready to shoot people just because their protest might turn violent. I know it's wrong because Mike Staresinic said so.

Letting a protest that may or may not get out of hand go without a harsh presence of offical people with guns they will use to shoot them? That's wrong. You should totally put official people with guns in to stop violence. I know this because...Mike...Staresinic...hey, wait...

As you might guess, Staresinic saying GOP legislators "ought to peel off, back off, drop off" and "it can't end well for them" when their political views are tied to protesters who get violent is just another lucky recipient of Big Tech's political biases. He doesn't have to worry: he's not Kevin McCullough.

But ain't it funny how Cotton's suggestion about BurnLootMurder that was so abhorrent then is celebrating today (and also public policy cheered on by the NYT).