It's probably nothing...

Pandemic Pushes Russia’s Gold Reserves Above U.S. Dollars For First Ever Time

At the end of June 2020, Russia held $128.5 billion in gold, representing 22.9% of Moscow’s total international reserves — and almost $4 billion more than the value of U.S. dollars in its reserves.

Please note that in June 2020 the President of the United States of America is the same amazing man who's President today: Donald J. Trump.

You know, the one the lying (projecting) leftists insist is actually the puppet of a sinister foreign government. Specifically, the foreign government who is cautiously moving away from their currency. As, y'know, you do when you sinisterily [no, that's not a word...though come to think of it, it should be shouldn't it? -ed] control another country...and specifically control their leader who has done more than any President in two generations to improve the value of said currency.


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In strange comments, Navalny congratulated Joe Biden on his alleged win, even before word from the Kremlin, and in spite of massive ongoing lawsuits and overwhelming evidence of election fraud in the Nov 3rd U.S. general election.

Navalny in a tweet congratulated Biden, running mate Kamala Harris and Americans for “defining the new leadership in a free and fair election”, reported The Moscow Times.

“This is a privilege which is not available to all countries,” said Navalny, who is recovering in Germany from a suspected poisoning earlier this year.