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The tribal rioters and their far-left allies had no intention of starting a "conversation". Indeed, whenever a conversation was in danger of breaking out, they turned thuggish and violent and upped the ante week after week. Those of us who saw that their cause was unjust and based on no evidence, who tried to have a conversation, didn't get very far. "I want to start a conversation" was never permitted by media gatekeepers to devolve into one: it would give away the lie that "racism" was the reason so many niggers get killed while being far more violent than, say, Ashli Babbitt ever was.

Now, for contrast, remember: there's more evidence Biden stole the 2020 election than there is evidence that "systemic racism" exists or that blacks are disproportionately shot by police.

So since we're contrasting, we saw a protest designed to pressure a specific activity (to wit, start a conversation and open discussion and investigation and inquiry into election fraud), it got out of control, and the organizers stopped doing it even though they never intended the outcome. Don't you wish BurnLootMurder thugs had that sort of restraint

I'm sure Warde agrees, which is why I've taken the liberty of already producing his tweet for next December: