Women: don't go to Evander Kane's hotel room for a "meaningful dialogue". It's a trap!

Memo to Evander Kane and Akim Aliu: if you want "real dialogue" then you had better be prepared to hear our side of the story as well.

Institutional racism in Canada and the United States don't exist (except in the sense that there are laws that protect minorities that don't equally protect whites).

George Floyd wasn't "innocent" and the jury is out (literally) on whether or not it was even "murder"

If you expect us to "educate ourselves" on your issues then you also have "educate yourself" on the facts of those issues
U.S. data shows that blacks are not unfairly killed by police: in fact based on the number of black shootings versus the black crime rate they are highly underrepresented

If it's "time for a reckoning" then be prepared for it to go against you
If Derek Chauvin is found Not Guilty, will you accept that it might be justice done correctly and that the black community needs to take stock of its crimes as well?

I don't yet know if probable rapist Evander Kane is sincere when he says that he's hoping for "a real dialogue", or that Aliu (who listens to shitty nigger music) is serious when he says "meaningful dialogue" is a "great start", but somehow I don't think so. Kane also wants "real change"... well what if at the end of this "meaningful dialogue" we as a society or lawmakers or even emboldened individuals decide we don't want "real change"? Will you accept that? Or is this all empty talk where you insist on pushing your narrative onto the rest of us?

TSN posted this video on YouTube, so maybe we'll get a chance to have "this conversation" after all. Stay tuned.

Bonus lol:

Fangio said society could learn a lot from an NFL locker room, where skin color is no barrier.

“We’re a league of meritocracy,” Fangio said. “You earn what you get, you get what you earn. I don’t see racism at all in the NFL. I don’t see discrimination in the NFL. We live in a great atmosphere. ... We’re lucky. We all live together joined as one for one common goal, and we all intermingle and mix tremendously. If society reflected an NFL team, we’d all be great.”
Better tell Akin Aliu then to stop whining endlessly about Colin Kaepernick, a man who (like sodomite Michael Sam before him) couldn't crack a CFL lineup and then claimed "discrimination".