It would be funny except Red Indians are violently chasing innocent whites in Winnipeg today

A whiny Red Indian in Brandon Manitoba is filing a human rights complaint over a cartoon in a homework assignment.

Grace Masse, a mother of six, said she was very upset when one of her children pulled out a math worksheet for their Grade 5 class, and found an offensive image depicting an Indigenous person on horseback who appears to be attacking two people in a horse-drawn carriage.

"It upholds the systemic racism, it does not tell the history from the Indigenous perspective," she said. "This image really impacted me a lot. It just breaks my heart. And my kids, I'm trying to teach them how to live in both worlds, and this kind of image kind of takes two steps back on that."
What "indigenous perspective" is this single welfare mother of six talking about? She'd prefer the image show a nice clear view of the back of whitey's delicious exposed scalp as the Red Indian on a horse (which he culturally appropriated, mind) chased them down? Also if she wants the kids to learn from a Red Indian perspective then perhaps she should put them in a school system funded by her and her lazy race of tax sponges. Whitey is paying to educate the children Grace keeps spitting out (and come to think of it, paying their entire child race), so maybe let us do it however we like.

Bonus question: did the presstitute liars at CTV or Global News bother to ask her if she could answer the question? (the Global News story showed it filled out, though it was unclear by whom). Spoiler alert, you think it's going to be a funny riddle or something but instead it's horribly generic and obvious. "Wheel trouble". Still, I have a funny feeling that Masse couldn't have figured out a Grade 5's homework. It's why her grandmother was sensibly educated in a Residential School.