Another website casualty

thelastlinkontheleft.com, the website that for a while was tracking every murder in Edmonton, is no more: 

In July 2015, due to circumstances detailed below, the contents of this website were removed from the Internet.

Last Link crossed paths with Third Edge of the Sword on several occasions, as one might expect when the subject of Edmonton murders comes up. The biggest case, of course, was the Shernell Sharon Pierre saga:

Shernell Sharon Pierre, a 26 year old Caribbean immigrant, was working at the Misery-cordia hospital in west Edmonton. She had been in a relationship with a married man, and later left him for another. After her shift at the hospital the evening of March 12, 2008, she left the premises and wasn't seen again until 11:23pm when her car was discovered burning up with her inside of it, on the side of 170th Street just south of 87th Avenue at West Edmonton Mall. The only thing recovered was her bible. Her purse was found a few blocks further west.

Two days later, Shernell Pierre was identified by police as the victim, and investigators started asking the public for information related to what was now believed to be the murder of Shernell Pierre.

That's where I come in.

The original LLotL post about Pierre's murder is now gone: the Wayback Machine gives you a 503 error when you try to go look at it but I was able to hack together the archived site.

I had noticed that in 2014 the site had given up on listing new murders: I thought maybe the guy just got tired of it all. Guess not.