Deny WestJet employees EI benefits

WestJet has had to furlough more employees due to the Wuhan Flu restrictions by various levels of government, and their CEO has been quick to lay blame at the foot of the Shiny Pony:

CEO Ed Sims said Friday that WestJet — which is now operating a network size similar to what it had in 2001 — continues to face volatile demand and instability in the face of continuing federal government travel advisories and restrictions.

Sims said the most immediate concern is a new directive issued by the federal government on Dec. 31 requiring all air passengers five years of age or older will be required to test negative for COVID-19 before travelling from another country to Canada, effective Jan. 7.

The test must be taken 72 hours before departure, and documentation of a negative laboratory test result must be presented to the airline prior to boarding a flight to Canada. Anyone who receives a negative test result and is authorized to enter Canada must still complete the full, mandatory 14-day quarantine.

Sims said immediately following the Dec. 31 announcement, WestJet saw “significant reductions in new bookings and unprecedented cancellations.”

“The entire travel industry and its customers are again on the receiving end of incoherent and inconsistent government policy,” Sims said.
There's only one minor problem of course with WestJet being the victim of the uncaring and nonsensical Justin Trudeau government: they have been aggressively chasing away their customers on a corporate level, and as individual employees similarly attacking customers on one hand and unionizing on the other.

Wait, I can hear you asking, what does that last bit have to do with anything? You didn't even provide a link.

In other words, Justin's evil government that cost WestJet employees their jobs was their idea this whole time. So why should taxpayers be on the hook for their benefits?

Leftist union support means WestJet employees should starve

It's time that we stopped giving those who provide support for disgusting organizations like CUPE a free ride. You make your bed with Jazz Meat Sing? You go lie in it. Let CUPE pay your wages during this "furlough" period. It is, after all, essentially strike pay. Think of it the business version of that old "bizarre suicide" gag from the early days of the internet.

Supporters of the Liberals and NDP need to start enduring the lion's share of the suffering their intrusive government policies are causing on citizens and the economy. Denying EI payments to workers at companies whose unions prop up the feds would be a great start.