RIP PrairieWrangler

 What did you do?

This comes, of course, in the wake of the famed Conservative Treehouse ban from WordPress for "unspecified" terms of service violations.

Prairie Wrangler, run by the enigmatic Olaf, apparently deleted his entire archive around September 2009 from what can be pieced together by looking back on the wayback machine. There was supposedly some sort of "cesspool of nonsense" controversy in December 2008 and some leftist named "Rayner":
On red tory’s attack site about liberal 4, you defended the right to free speech, for this I commend you, and may I add that in no way, did this site ever, posted anything about rayners marriage problems, this issue is a fabrication on rayners part to excuse the useless full page crap he wrote about some poor smo who wrote on our blog. True his english was not up to par for Rayners elitist attitude, but to attack someone just because he is french, was unforgivable, the best way to handle this type of situation is if one does not approve of this type of writing, then let it go, it is not worth the mess it has caused. We are waiting and hoping he even dares to sue anyone, which we both know he will not, he was offered a peace if he would delete this attack site which he did not, never the less we have learned a lesson from liblogs, no views other than the loonie left is allowed, if one dares to be centrist or center right of the liberal party, then one is attacked and blocked from that site, thanks to tory, cherniak and company. I wonder if the liberal party approves.

Note that based on the testimonials page of David Thompson "Olaf Raskolnikov" was active in 2011, but the wayback machine seems to disagree):

If you’re my kind of conservative, you should really be reading David Thompson (this post is a killer), who was pointed out to me, strangely enough, by none other than Canada’s favourite pinko, Dr Dawg.  (Olaf Raskolnikov, Prairie Wrangler.)  

It's worth noting that leftist blogger Scott Tribe was a fan and willing to put Prairie Wrangler on his ProgressiveBloggers roll. How you can have the support of this lunatic and still offend WordPress is an exercise for another day.