Calgary Police cunts win prestigious award

You've surely heard of the Calgary tasing incident by now...

“Get on the f*king ground! Right now! Get on the ground before I fucking Taser you. Right now,” the desperate CPS officer half shrieked, half begged, after her and her partner’s repeated attempts to knock over a young boy on skates to the ice.

It's part of a long list of out-of-control government agents drunk on the power useless rules and regulations ostensibly to "slow the curve" of Wuhan Flu.

Mark Steyn has been tracking these fairly steadily since the start of this nonsensical affair: he routinely has awarded "Brit Wanker Copper of the Day" awards, typically to the Metropolitan Police Force in London but often wandering to Liverpool or even the general United Kingdom like Ulster or Edinburgh. The whole Commonwealth has been "eligible" in this sense however: Australia has been a particularly rich source of the award as of late.

Part of this is due to the fact that, unlike Alberta, Australia and the UK have been under severe lockdowns for months with almost no reprieve. [extra points go to readers who notice that this doesn't seem to have spared them any COVID-19 spikes... -ed]

Well with the new unnecessarily draconian lockdowns, corrupt cops in Edmonton and apparently now also Calgary have a chance to get in on the action. On his December 22nd edition of the Mark Steyn Show, those two bitches in Cowtown have been awarded Brit Wanker Copper of the Day (starts at 8:43 of the embedded MP3):

Mostly this series is about wanker coppers from the Metropolitan Police in London and the other English constabularies and occasionally we wander over to the Scots Ulster and Welsh police and once and a while we expand to the broader Britannic world in the sense of Canada's Sir John A. MacDonald "a British subject I was born and a British subject I shall die" and Australia's Sir Robert Menzie's "I'm British to my bootstraps" so today we have Commonwealth wanker copper from the province of Alberta -- specifically the Calgary police which is the third largest municipal force in Canada after Toronto and Montreal -- they were formed in 1885 with a Chief and two Constables. They have rather more today which is why they were able to send a whole bunch of them around to break up a pick up hockey game outdoors. Many of you will have heard this clip but I want to get it in here on the record.

Lord Acton famously said "power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely", and right now the state across North America, throughout Western Europe, in Australia and New Zealand, has absolute power over absolutely everything: whether you can leave your house, whether you can open your place of business, whether you can go to church, whether you can have your sister and her kids 'round for Christmas dinner or even for a quick eggnog and cookies in the back garden.

The politicians go on TV and talk tough about how this absolute power will be strictly enforced but the fellas who have to enforce it are just the usual mediocrities: bureaucrats and on the sharp end policemen. Absolute power for the best part of a year corrupts absolutely, and so you have a bunch of youths playing hockey outdoors on a chill night in Canada as Canadians have done for the entirety of our history and suddenly an out of control female constable is pointing a taser at the guy and F'ing and blinding across the night air. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

[audio of this clip]

Get on the F'ing ground right now, get on the ground before I F'ing taser you. A few years ago in my small town in New Hampshire the boys liked to play hockey on the frozen pond at night and according to the Board of Selectmen they weren't supposed to do that but boys like to do that and compared to almost anything else they like to do -- meth or heroin -- it's the better choice. But still the Select Board had passed their law so Al, my one-man police department and the perfect police chief used to let them have their fun...for a while. And at a certain point he would drive in and announce "ok boys you can go home now".

Yes yes I know a big city is not a small town in the hills of New Hampshire but I would fire that Calgary constable just for the f words for two reasons: first because it contributes to the general degradation of society and I don't see why taxpayers should pay for that, and second because the reason constables are armed and can point serious weaponry at you is to ensure that they don't degenerate into the generalized rage of uncontrolled shouting and swearing because that changes the calculus for the member of the public: he suddenly has to calculate whether this out of control copper is so out of control that she's going to kill him.

I'm speaking here of the Canadian and Commonwealth contexts -- not about America which for historical reasons has developed an entirely different approach to policing -- but this Constable knows these are guys just goofing around playing hockey. They're not dealing drugs, they're not holding up convenience stores, they're young people who lived these hideous shrunken COVID non-lives for almost a year now and they just like to get out on the ice in the open air and no serious risk to anyone. Here's the guy they wanted to tase: Ocean Wiesblatt talking to Keean Bexte of Rebel News:

[audio of this clip]

It is. The Calgary Police are politicized in all the usual dreary ways: earlier this year they all ostentatiously took a knee to abase themselves before BlackLivesMatter. That's not a small thing, that's corrupting too: because it indicates the Constabulatory no longer looks on the citizenry as the citizenry but as members of different identity groups (some of which they flatter and fawn on, and some of which are subjected to rougher treatment). But this isn't going to work for another year: youth suicide rates are skyrocketing during lockdown, and policing these absurd ever-changing rules with humanity would require a subtlety and sophistication that very few of our so-called public servants would be capable of. Furthermore the longer this goes on the more comfortable hitherto normal restrained bureaucrats become with the "get on the F'ing ground or I'll F'ing taser you" approach, because they have absolute power and absolutely absolute power corrupts absolutely.

So congrats to two useless cunts who deserve to be killed in the "line of duty". You enjoy your reward: you're two of the most despicable officers in the entire Commonwealth.