Bathrooms on Whyte

The Edmonton SUN today has an article about the public toilets on Whyte Avenue.

"I think they're kinda odd," Denise O'Brien said of the portable urinals strategically placed on the streets of Old Strathcona for the May long weekend.

"I think they just need to start arresting people who are drunk and urinating in public places," said O'Brien, who works in one of the shops in the area.
So can I be sober and urinate in public places? Or does O'Brien want people actually drunk arrested too?

The thing about the portable toilets are that they are in fact a pretty good idea (which, along with 24 hour bus service on Whyte Ave, was what a friend of mine emailed to the mayor back when his name was Bill Smith). After all, at 1:55am bars serve you your last drink. Then some of them, the "new" Urban Lounge being a relevent example, kick your ass on the street about 8 minutes later. After 2am the bars refuse [are they required to refuse to allow you in after last call? I don't believe so, as places like casinos and 24 hour restaurants let you in after 2 o'clock -ed] to allow you back in. So you have hundreds if not thousands of people being thrown onto the street after drinking, and there are literally no facilities they are allowed to use. (Marco's on Whyte has a bathroom if you can find it not out of commission) If the corrupt EPS is going to be issuing $500 urination tickets then there has to be some alternative to the streets for people to use.

No public washrooms on Whyte? No public urination tickets.