Swarm! Swarm!

Remember back when I produced this list of ways that you could tell that Edmonton Police was getting to be as corrupt and criminal as the heydays of the LAPD? You may recall that item #4 was a group of people swarming and attacking an off-duty police officer.

Well everything started up in high gear on the weekend. First an EPS officer drove drunk and t-boned another vehicle.

Then a dozen people swarmed and beat two police officers (9 of them got away) at a bar on Jasper Ave over the weekend.

In the meanwhile, there have been two other notable incidents: a police constable who was involved in the Whyte Avenue debacle is currently undergoing a hearing for inapproprately touching a stripper, and a police officer at a school in Eastglen was attacked yesterday afternoon while trying to give a stunting ticket.

Also yesterday, Edmonton Police Chief Mike Boyd "vowed to fight back".

Hey guess what Boyd? Your Edmonton Police are corrupt, and what you've seen is people actually fighting back! You are the guilty party here!

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Edmonton Police Service is a gang of hoodlums, thugs, and criminals. Like all thugs and criminals who have bad things happen to them, I don't feel remotely bad about this.

Were either of the two officers involved in the Oil City swarming incident involved on Whyte Ave during the Oilers playoffs? If so, I am summarily announcing that they deserved to be swarmed and beaten and that they are merely two more officers who reaped what they have sewn.

Boyd said there have been other swarming incidents and muggings in which civilians are also being targeted.
That's right, there were. Kristen Wilson is one civilian who was swarmed and mugged, and Boyd's corrupt officer got away scot free with it. A senior citizen was swarmed and robbed of his camera during those playoffs, and yet again one of Boyd's corrupt EPS members was responsible for violating a man's Charter freedoms. Another of Boyd's officers couldn't be bothered to swarm, so he ran over a guy with his car.

Guess what Mike Boyd? You are in a large part responsible for the corruption in the force. You whitewash it when it happens in public. You deny it when it happens in private. You encourage and facilitate it (which you are continuing to do even today). People get frustrated at the rampant abuse of police powers and fight back, and you're surprised about this?

"While the officer was struggling on the ground, two males jumped on his chest and continued to punch and kick him while he was down. One officer attempted to use the 'taser' but someone from the crowd pushed him and he missed the target. Multiple people attacked the officers, but three primary suspects were the ones that were arrested when the back up officers were the ones to arrive on the scene."

Edmonton Police is a force of evil in the City of Edmonton, and that I will actively oppose them at all turns. I already have twice over the past six weeks been in possession of information about people who were wanted by the police, in one case hiding a block away from his vehicle. I have done nothing to assist EPS in their actions, and will continue to do so until the crimes they are guilty of have been paid back in full, preferably with lethal consequences.

Update, 6:45pm: Earlier today 630 CHED's website was showing a story regarding the decision to suspend the drunk driving cop "with pay", talking about "political influences". It's no longer existing, even as an edited new version in their news section. Interesting, eh?


Anonymous said...

I would have shot the kid with the bat after one command to drop it.

Anonymous said...

You get out and approach with a bat you are asking to get shot.

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child said...

Hey, lets turn this around. You can reasonably assume that all EPS officers are corrupt.

A bunch of them come at you with guns! Damn right I'm arming myself!

Anonymous said...

edmonton cops are corrupt! we all no that and no i wouldn't of shot the kid with the bat because the kid with the bat is my boyfriend! and if u shot him i would of shot u!!

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child said...

Geesh, I'm starting to get the significant other to every criminal in Edmonton in my comments, aren't I?

Anonymous said...

These are some really rotten gangstas we have here in the city, our largest street gang is getting rambunctious!! The thing is no person who puts in work daily to try to survive, should ever respect the pigs. The reason for this is that our elected officials do not serve us, they serve themselves, with our money, and when the common man wants to eventually stop being a collective pussy and fight back, who will stop us? The pig, since it's basically the robotic arm of these elected officials "the Man"