Don't take your depression advice from a murdering psycho

I bit of a mistype, I think, in this report on 630 CHED's website:

Police say five people whose bodies were found in a Calgary home earlier this week all died of stab wounds.

Insp. Guy Slater also confirms the identities of the victims as Joshua Lall, his wife Alison, their young daughters, Kristen and Rochelle, and tenant Amber Bowerman. They were all found in the Lall home in an upscale neighbourhood in northwest Calgary on Wednesday.

Word is Joshua Lall was feeling possessed by the Devil in the days leading up to the tragedy, but his boss at a Calgary architectural firm tells the Canadian Press there were no outward signs that anything was wrong.

Without referring directly to the Calgary tragedy, an Edmonton psychiatrist Doctor Pierre Chue says it's difficult to predict how the story will end up, adding that it's extremely rare for someone to go through such a transformation -- from normal life to deadly violence -- in such a short period of time.

Lall says the best advice he can give, is for someone feeling depressed -- or for those around them -- to consult a doctor so a proper treatment can be started. (BP, ccg)
Er, I think they mean that "Chue says the best advice he can give". Lall was the killer's name. They want to quote the Edmonton psychiatrist, not the Calgary murderer, right? Right?


Anonymous said...

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