The world needs more posers

Today on Sonic I heard that weird British-accented guy talking about the Edmonton Walk for Darfur which runs today. He'd started talking about how great things are being done in Edmonton today which I thought would segue into a talk about Capital City Cleanup (today doing Hawreluk Park). Instead he went all misty-eyed about how people were "doing good" by walking for Darfur, and that if you the listener was one of those people walking for Darfur then the world needs more people like you.

I'm here to tell you right now he's wrong. What's the walk for Darfur supposed to accomplish? Will the Janjaweed militia, undisturbed by condemnation from the United Nations and the resistance of the Zaghawa rebels, suddenly lay down their arms and stop the genocide because some numb-nuts in Edmonton marched?

There are a lot of people doing wonderful things in Edmonton today. People marching for Darfur are not one of them.