@SilpaKov: Sir, if you call me a "they" I will punch you

David Thompson demolishes the nonsense of house-trained Salon writer Silpa Kovvali.

You see, Ms Kovvali believes that gendered pronouns and honorifics are an “outdated linguistic tic.” And not a useful, rather concise source of information, a signal of respect, and a way of clarifying who it is we’re talking about.
The effect of elevating gender’s importance is felt by the cis-gendered as well. None of us fit neatly or entirely into a traditional gender binary, with all the expectations of masculinity and femininity that these buckets entail.
And yet despite this claim, and the somewhat random mention of buckets, almost all of us seem quite happy to be referred to as either male or female, as if it were in fact “relevant,” and the demand for gender-neutral pronouns remains, to say the least, a niche concern. I’d even venture to suggest that some of us might feel slighted by the wilful omission of – diminishing of – our respective maleness or femaleness.

Bonus Silpa Kovvali idiocy: Back in 2009 at the Harvard Crimson Kovvali attacked a anti-sodomy pro-abstinence group working hard at co-opting "feminism" from the nutters.