Top tennis outfits of 2015

Talk about wasted opportunities.

Tennis blogger Marija Zivlak presented her "top five prints in 2015 WTA fashion this week, and...yuck.

There's a basic rule when it comes to talking about how hot women's tennis can be. It's a really simple rule, and I don't think I can stress it enough.

Do not include anything about the two massive shaved apes who make up the Williams sisters.

So naturally, she starts out with both of them.

Nike created the Greatness Collection to celebrate Serena Williams' absolute dominance in 2015 and to depict the American's supreme power the company incorporated animal and marble prints in footwear and apparel for the tennis icon's US Open campaign. The Nike Safari print was there to cater to Williams' penchant for animal prints, while the marble print symbolized her strength.
And, you know, that she's as butt-ugly as a black female athlete can possibly be. Serena Williams makes Grace Jones look feminine for crying out loud.

It also doesn't help that the HTML coding in the article is so bad that all of the non-Wlliams pictures are broken. Here's are a couple screenshots of how this article, the lead story on the website of a major sporting league, looks.

So since that article was such garbage, I figured I'd pick up where Zivlak left off and highlight the best outfits from the 2015 women's tennis season.
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Bonus Women's Tennis Blog fashion link: An in-depth look at Agnieszka Radwanska's 2015 fashion looks, including that ridiculously nice metallic dress from the Rogers Cup in Toronto. Martok's brother once called Radwanska "the Polish paper-bag princess" for semi-obvious reasons.
agnieszka radwanska