#StopBill6 Rally in Red Deer December 1 2015


The movement to Stop Bill 6 made great progress with 1800 farmers on the steps of the legislature yesterday.

It's not won yet though. Not even close.

Today at 1pm at Westerner Park (4847 19 Street, same as the Centrium) the NDP is holding one of their lame duck "info sessions" (you know, the ones where they assure you they'll pass regulations so the law won't resemble that silly piece of paper they're voting on, the ones where they make sure the attendees are loyal plants). Would you like to go inside and give Employment Minister (who may have never even visited a farm) Lori Sigurdson a piece of your beekeeping mind? I bet you would!

Uh, you can't, sorry. There's no room at the inn. They've filled their seats and that's that. Bigger venue? Impossible! (Oh by the way, the WildRose Bassano Town Hall is no longer going to be at the Elks Lodge due to capacity issues and has been moved to the school gymnasium)

So instead, another impromptu rally will be held right there at the Westerner. If the NDP want to get into their tepid little meeting, they'll have to pass by you first. Sheila Reid from Rebel.Media will be there to help give you a larger megaphone. If you can't make it, and I understand many of you have jobs keeping you from protesting daily, watch your social media feed for posts from the meeting and spread the word. The NDP meeting starts at 1pm today, December 1st 2015.

The rally to #StopBill6 starts at noon.

So that's today (Tuesday December 1) at noon at Westerner Park: 4847 19th Street in Red Deer. Bring your farm gear, bring your signs, hell bring your wife's pie. While you're at it, your wife, your neighbour, your extended family; bring everybody around you who will be hurt by this legislation.

Stand up for Alberta. Stand up for the family farm. Stand up for the rural way of life. Noon. Today. Red Deer.

Make your voice heard.