The persecution of gun owners by Edson RCMP

Edson RCMP tried to shock and scare the media with the news that 30 firearms were found at the property where they shot a suspect in a triple homicide.

Officers also found illegal rifle ammunition magazines, bullets and body armour.

Mickell Bailey, 19, has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder and one count of second-degree murder in the deaths.

Insp. Gibson Glavin said further charges were pending.

"We were conducting a search that was part of the homicide investigation and we recovered a number of firearms and ammunition, body armour as well as various types of stolen property," Glavin said Monday.

"This is where they have been found. So part of the investigation will be to trace ownership."

A neighbour has said the farm where Bailey lives is owned by his grandfather, Herb Heintz.
30 firearms at an Alberta farmhouse, including some that are -- gasp! -- loaded! Hey, RCMP idiots, that isn't even remotely rare.
Officers also found illegal rifle ammunition magazines, bullets and body armour.
The fact that body armour is even illegal is already a disgusting far-left piece of control over our personal lives (as has been covered on this site before), let alone that cops think there's a problem with owning magazines or ammo. There are thousands of such homes all over the province (particularly in rural areas, but I have a significantly large number of guns in my home as well).

Instead, this is just cops trying to push their "disarm everybody but us" agenda. And seeing how the last person that Edson RCMP accused of murder was put through years of procedural hell it's little wonder that when they knock on your door with a bullshit charge they aren't interested in you doing the right thing and shooting them until they back off.

As for the crime itself, from what I have heard 16-year-old murder victim Jazmine Berube is the key to all of this. Mickell Bailey is three years her senior, and was interested in her. She was interested in him too, but decided instead to be more interested in somebody else (by which I mean plural, not singular). As with all crime stories on Third Edge of the Sword, I have no evidence or attributable stories to point to, so you'll have to take this with a grain of salt. But I hope you like salt, because I'm almost certainly right.