At least capitalists did something to create modern Canada

Why hasn't the CBC closed the comments for their offensive story about the Victims of Communism memorial?

The far-left state-owned broadcaster is quick to close comments once they speak negatively about Red Indians, but speak out in favour of a political and economic system that killed over 100 million civilians: almost nine times more than were killed by the Nazis (and 31250 times more than were killed at Residential Schools, most of whom would have died anyways).

The problem is that the disgusting and brutal communist murderers are worshipped by the Prime Minister of Canada and the Premier of Alberta, two people the CBC sort of wishes could become the Pol Pot of the Laurentian.

So as long as it's attacking the free system of exchange that makes the world better, the CBC is in favour. Saying unkind things about a racial group that clings to its decrepit culture, and they shut the whole system down. And then liberals wonder why conservatives want this sick government agency defunded.

(Check out this sample of the offensive material)