Hellooo, I'm Feynman and Coulter's Love Child: I slog through it so you don't have to

Believe it or not, the Nostalgia Critic's recent review of the Charlie Brown Christmas Special is...actually pretty good.

Not only does it not feature the annoyingly extra-long theme song that everybody and their dog is officially sick of, but it also avoids the typical Doug Walker screaming and doesn't even do much of the "ohhh, look how silly" scene by scene recaps. More of it is dedicated to the analysis of the special, particularly how it relates to both kids and audiences.

I know a lot of people (rightfully) wonder how Nostalgia Critic got such a huge following (even down from his peak in popularity, the video still hit 81,000 views in a day), and his anti-#GamerGate stance has turned off a lot of others, but I do have to give him props for his work in this one.

And no, the second Charlie Brown Christmas Special is not better than the first.