BREAKING: Area nun suspected of being some sort of Christian

Mother Teresa (not Mother Theresa? I thought for sure that was the spelling) is going to become a Saint.

Pope Francis has cleared the way for sainthood by approving a decree recognising a second miracle attributed to her intercession with God, a requirement of sainthood.

The nun, who died in 1997 at the age of 87, became an international icon but has also been criticised for trying to convert people to Christianity.

The late Pope John Paul II bent Vatican rules to allow the procedure to establish her case for sainthood to be launched two years after her death instead of the usual five. She was beatified in 2003, a mere six years after her death.

Beatification requires one miracle and is the last step before sainthood, which requires a second.

The church defines saints as those believed to have been holy enough during their lives to now be in Heaven with God.

Francis, who has made concern for the poor a major plank of his papacy, was keen to make Mother Teresa a saint during the church's current Holy Year.
Looks about as was expected. Mother Teresa was hugely popular and politically there was no doubt the Catholic Church would honour her so.

Hey, but did you catch that little throwaway line about "criticized for trying to convert people"? Wasn't that a little weird. Reuters continues...
In the years since her death, some have accused Mother Teresa and the order of having ulterior motives in helping the destitute, saying their aim was to convert them to Christianity.

The order rejects that, saying, for example, that most of those helped in the Kalighat Home for Dying Destitutes in Kolkata were non-Christians with just a few days left to live and noting that conversion is a lengthy process.
Let's ignore the Missionaries of Charity defense. What the hell does the first part say?

Of course their aim is to convert people to Christianity. That's what nuns are for, genius! They may also do some nursing, or some doctoring, or some lawyering, or some home construction on the side, but the primary duty of any Christian is to convert people to Christianity.

I think we can extend that to nuns.