"This is an accident." "What, like... He tripped, you fell?"

One rule for rich people Muslims, one rule for the rest of us...

A London court has cleared a rich Saudi Arabian immigrant of raping an 18-year-old girl as she slept. He argued that he accidentally tripped and penetrated her with his erect penis, which just happened to be protruding from his underwear.

“I fell down but nothing ever happened, between me and this girl nothing ever happened” Ehsan Abdulaziz, 46, told the court.

The property developer and businessman, who is married with a child, invited two women back to his flat after a night out. He had paid £1,000 for a private table in a nightclub and promised to drive the two women home in his Aston Martin sports car.

After a change of plans he brought both women back to his fancy West London flat, where he offered them vodka before taking the older friend, 24, into his bedroom for sex.

He told the court he had never before had a one-night stand in the 20 years he had lived in London. Talking about the friend who he slept with, he said: “She’s a very sweet girl, a very nice girl, I see her quite often, I see these girls, they go out quite often.”
This isn't the first time that Breitbart has had to report on curious legal rights of Muslims in the United Kingdom. In October you may remember this article about how Muslims who falsely accuse innocent whites of crimes never have to face their accuser in court. Likewise this story from 2011 where a wild pack of Somali women were given suspended sentences after a brutal beating because Muslims aren't supposed to drink. Or how about this 2013 story about a British judge who gives a Muslim leniancy because he was unaware he couldn't have sex with 13 year old girls?

Bonus idiocy: Cory Doctrow claiming that it's the Tories fault for dismantling legal aid.