To stream the impossible stream

File under D for "duh"

Sandvine, a "broadband services company" is reporting that at peak times streaming takes up the majority of internet traffic.

Anybody who talks with the huge number of girls who finds out their hobbies include "cuddling up with Netflix" should be aware of this, and that's not even factoring in that all TV networks offer their programs "on-demand" through both Shaw and Telus. I don't even have Netflix, but I spend almost no time watching TV (unless a sports event is playing), much preferring to watch a variety of quality stuff on YouTube.

And, indeed, number of huge girls

Indeed, it's almost surprising that with 35% of the traffic being streaming in 2010 (when Netflix was just taking off, and YouTube still not monetizing traffic to the extent that creators could profit off of their YouTube traffic), that only 70% of traffic is streaming today. And even then they are only talking "peak traffic", which probably means streaming video is less than 70% of the traffic during those times (otherwise they'd give the even bigger number).

It's also worth noting that Netflix, despite its size, is still only 37% of traffic, with YouTube at 17.9%. I guess other streaming services like Google Play or Apple TV are the rest of the traffic.