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I'm afraid you owe Shelley Biermanski an apology.

Browne, Salomon, & Bassuk (1999) found that women who resided in households that earned less than $10,000 annually had a 4-times-greater risk of experiencing violence than women in wealthier households.

Buka, Stichick, Birdthistle, & Felton, (2001) found youths from low-income neighborhoods witnessed significantly more severe violence (viz., murders and stabbings) than youths from middle- and upper-income neighborhoods.

In other words, there is a correlation between overall household income and domestic violence. So as more and more Albertans become underemployed or unemployed (due to bad NDP policies which yes are causing a loss of jobs exasperated by their hostility to a strong oil market) the incidence of domestic violence would be expected to rise. Indeed, says the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, they have!

You accused Biermanski of ignorance, of implying poor people didn't commit more spousal abuse, being offensive, justifying violence, only equating Alberta's job losses to the price of oil, not knowing what she was talking about, etc. etc.

Instead, she was speaking the truth, and you were just plain wrong.


(Forget what you said? Here's a reminder of your attack on Biermanski where you didn't know what you were talking about)