Trudeau's (first) tax lie

Shiny Pony admits that he lied to you during the election. No biggie.

The Liberals had promised the lost revenue from their “middle-class tax cut” would be offset by a new tax bracket for income of more than $200,000. But economists have since raised questions about the Liberal Party’s numbers, which are magnified by new forecasts that show an increasingly negative picture of Ottawa’s fiscal situation. Instead of inheriting a balanced budget, the Liberals argue the government was already in the red when it took office, before it even started to implement ambitious spending plans and the tax cut.
Now the "budget isn't really balanced" nonsense is another big Trudeau lie. Hell, even the CBC acknowledged during the election that Harper ran a surplus (well, except that it took conservatives holding the liars at the CBC to task). Then the Liberals took office and claimed there was never a surplus...which was, (guess what?), a lie.

So who didn't lie to you about Rat Bastard 2.0's financial numbers? That's easy: Stephen Harper. (Global News noticed the numbers don't add up, but notice how slyly they got around to actually mentioning that fact).
The Conservatives say the Liberals would likely have to scrap, among other things, the child fitness credit, the children’s art credit and the volunteer firefighter tax credit.

Liberal candidate John McCallum, a former Royal Bank chief economist, said Tuesday that Harper’s assertion that Trudeau is planning a big increase in spending is “totally fraudulent” because he doesn’t mention the revenue offsets.

For example, Trudeau has vowed to ditch the Conservatives’ $2-billion-per-year income-splitting plan for families with kids, a program he says disproportionately helps wealthier families.

McCallum said the Liberals would put more money in the pockets of middle- and low-income Canadians by replacing the Conservatives’ child-benefit package with their own and by hiking taxes on the biggest earners.
So those "revenue offsets" turn out to be nonsense.

Harper told you this. Trudeau said he was lying. Trudeau was projecting.

As always, please remember the mantra. It will come in handy for you in the future:

Liberals always lie. Everything a liberal says is always a lie.