Cairo Time

Good news! President Monkey finally can point to an actual case of "workplace violence" that is mistaken for terrorism!

The bad news? It took place in Cairo, not in America.

Mohammed Ali, a local pharmacist, said the fire erupted after the nightclub had closed when only workers would have been there. Mr. Ali thought at first the fire was a terror attack because of the ongoing tensions between Islamist groups and the government, as well as a Russian passenger plane believed to have been bombed by Islamic State on Oct. 31 in the Egyptian Sinai.

Mr. Ali said he realized that the attack was only a worker's dispute, albeit a deadly one, after he saw two men flee the scene on motorcycles and them remembered from the nightclub dispute the night before.
For more coverage on the derka derka who committed a terrorist act in California, Small Dead Animals has some links backing up my earlier guess that this was mostly a "lone wolf" who was radicalized by his crazy Saudi wife.