Philosophy, videos, and email

The passions are the only advocates which always persuade. They are a natural art, the rules of which are infallible; and the simplest man with passion will be more persuasive than the most eloquent without.
- François de la Rochefoucauld

Got sent a couple of interesting YouTube videos that I might as well share:

Steve Carell as the world's most dedicated goalie

A video highlight of the town (city?) of Prince Rupert, which I have yet to visit (but will have to in order to build the airforce base)

The construction of a LEGO Star Destroyer. Note the girl has a nice rack when caught at the correct angle (best is around the 1:27 and 3:12 time indexes).

Still LEGO related, LEGO-constructed Babylon 5 ships engaged in combat.

A flyover of the Alberta badlands near Drumheller.

A 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air commerical. A 1955 commerical also available lists the Bel Air as the new "low-cost" vehicle from Chevrolet. Now a 1955 Bel Air will cost you $10,000-$50,000!

Lunatic Fringe -- Tom Cochrane and Jack Layton

You'll never watch the Smurfs the same again