Like watching homo erectus and homo ergaster debate spherical Bessel functions

That's the impression I get reading this discussion on rabble.ca's messageboard about "Lorne Calvert: an utter disgrace (pandering to the rich)" and watching a bunch of leftists discussing economics. This is stuff purely out of their league.

You get the sense if you ever talked to the rabble.ca crowd about the mathematical modelling differences between Chicago and Austrian schools of economic thought, they'd plug their ears and start screaming "DWEM! DWEM!" at the tops of their lungs. Watching a debate over whether sales taxes are sufficiently progressive when combined with social programs makes you want to rip your own eyeballs out (or, better still, their eyeballs out).

Anyways, you can check out Kate at SDA's take on the Calvert tax cuts if you're looking for another angle (or some sort of, you know, information).

Here you'll only stick around if you want to learn all about spherical Bessel functions!