Still waiting on Alberta Blogs

It was September 11th when I signed up for Alberta Blogs, and so far still haven't been added to the blogroll list. The blog itself hasn't been updated since September 1st, and made a reference to switching servers, so possibly I just have to wait until then. Pity, since I had a pretty good mid-September posting marathon, and that's the sort of posting behaviour that attracts a lot of attention in blogrolls such as this.

The question of course remains, am I going to sign up for any other of these blogrolls? The answer is not anytime in the near future for sure: too many blogrolls tends to get lost, and then the page spends five minutes just downloading the images from all of the bloglists the page is a member of (Tim Dormain, I'm indicating in your general direction).

Until I get added, the only viewer I'll probably get is you, person who's reading this right now...