Endgame for a series that takes it up the end

With Star Trek: Voyager's final episode on CityTV today, this is a good time to bring up Bozo the Proctologist's review of that same episode:

A genuinely interesting premise who's shoddy execution falls apart at the end - what could be more appropriate for the "Voyager" finale?
Tuvok brushes off his need to get home by quoting the only famous person the planet has ever produced, Ambassador Spock: "The needs of the many stockholders at Paramount outweigh the needs of the few Trek fans who still care."
Potentially a fascinating idea, this episode suffered from being produced as a Voyager episode. Janeway's intermittent concern for her crew's safety just didn't jibe with what we've seen for the past seven years, the relationship between Seven and Chakotay was sabotaged by Beltran's conviction that he's "above" stooping to actually act in a sci fi show, and the plodding pace in the beginning contrasted badly with the rushed, sudden arrival home in the end.

You can also read TV.com's review of the episode, and another highly negative review at FirstTVdrama.com:
This is the same Shielding they used on "Viper".
Remember Janeway's mysterious holodeck novel she was building up a complex mystery to?

You didn't want to know how that ended did you?

Worst of all: CityTV in Toronto (*spit*) gets Deep Space Nine! Yesterday they had Our Man Bashir