A hat trick for everyone!

So work tonight cut into the possibility that I might enjoy watching Game 1 of the NLCS (I still think that name makes it sound like some lame U.S. intercollegiate league). It and the Pay-per-view nature of tonight's game meant no hockey either. But I did get "the call" around 7:30 tonight excited that I had shot up huge in our buddy league hockey pool thanks to Brian Gionta's hat trick in the Jersey-Toronto game tonight.

So this is the point where if I had any regular readers, they'd say...uh...what hockey pool?

Oh yeah, so I'm in a hockey pool. Unlike baseball pools, this isn't something huge and exciting, and when "Martok" (I'm too lazy to link to a post) needed to use another computer to draft due to internet trouble, I happily lent him mine. (He's the commissioner, and oddly enough this league is worth money: $20 entry fee). It just doesn't capture my imagination quite enough...the computer drafted my team and probably for the better. When I was told that Gionta got a hat trick to catapult me from 11/12 to 6/12, my first question was "er, and who does he play for"?

Turns out I shouldn't have been too excited: there were three natural hat tricks in the NHL tonight. The next came during the San Jose-Edmonton game, where Cheechoo (who, if you remember the playoff chants, "sucks") scored three in a row in response to the Oilers getting a one goal lead. I got the update call after the Oil made it 4-2 on a goal from Lupal, but the next thing I'd heard (this wasn't hard, it later turned out) Edmonton had won. How? Easy: the third (natural) hat trick of the evening, Ryan Smyth getting three goals in 2:01, breaking the 2:18 record of Dr. Wayne Gretzsky. Hemsky scored to put it away as a 6-4 Oilers win. You can read Covered In Oil's review of the game here. Needless to say, I'm no longer 6th place, now down to a realistic 8th (+10 jump in the rotissaire league though).

This is, I suppose, a good time to mention what my team consists of. Again, I will be listing the players in the order they were drafted, their team and position, with the overall draft order shown after in parenthesis:

  1. Sidney Crosby, C, Pit (8)
  2. Marion Hossa, RW, Atl (13) ‡
  3. Chris Pronger, D, Ana (28) †
  4. Sergei Gonchar, D, Pit (33) ‡
  5. Brian Gionta, RW, NJ (48)
  6. Marc Savard, C, Bos (53)
  7. Mike Richards, C, Phi (68)
  8. Vesa Toskala, G, SJ (73)
  9. Marek Malik, D, NYR (88)
  10. Manny Legace, G, StL (93) ‡
  11. Mike Modano, C, Dal (108)
  12. Dainius Zubrus, RW, Was (113)
  13. Anson Carter, RW, Clm (128)
  14. Andrew Brunette, LW, Col (133)
  15. Cory Stillman, LW, Car (148)
  16. Kyle Calder, LW, Phi (153)
  17. Fredrik Modin, LW, Clm (168)
  18. Andy Sutton, D, Atl (173) ‡
  19. Frantisek Kaberle, D, Car (188)
  20. Francois Beauchemin, D, Ana (193)
  21. Daymond Langkow, C, Cal (208)
  22. Martin Gelinas, LW, Fla (213)
  23. Mike Johnson, RW, Mon (228)
    † a.k.a. "Christie Prongley", see this post
    ‡ players also on my fantasy hockey team last season