Not Looking, Calgary Stymies

I won't be blogging again until probably Saturday evening or maybe Sunday morning. I am driving to Calgary Thursday night, and won't make it back until Saturday. Naturally, this means that the Mets won tonight and Game 7 will be... that's right... Thursday October 19th at 6:19pm Edmonton/Calgary time. Is it too late to install XM Satellite Radio in my car?

Now where to go in Calgary? Can't go wrong with

Kremlin (2004 4th Street SW. 228-6068) One price buys you a meal, a drink and the chance to eat real Alberta BBQ -- outdoors when the weather's nice and indoors when it's not. If you are looking for real Alberta beef the Wild West way, this is the place. It's a great place for group bookings too!
Also catching my eye is Peter's Drive In, Antonio's Garlic Clove, Original Sante Fe Grill, Spolumbo's, Wildwood Brewing Company, and The Belvedere.

Now I'd like to use Google Maps to select each address, save it to a pinpoint on the map, and then keep that pinpoint and type in another address and then another pinpoint. This, of course, would be too easy. Google doesn't allow you to do this. You can do two at a time, but not three or more, so I can't just print up a map of every restaurant I'm interested in. That seems to be a horrible injustice to my way of thinking.


K. Restoule said...

I used to live just off 4th Ave SW. The food is pretty good everywhere do there.

Have a good time.