"Country vocalist Kenny Rogers repeatedly and vehemently denied rumors that he engaged in cheatin' behavior during Game 2 of the World Series"

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Kenny Rogers Denies Cheatin' During World Series

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And finally, an NHL related one:
Zdeno Chara Out Two To Three Periods With Fractured Skull, Broken Leg


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hello love child

I don't really understand your blog, despite spending some happy months well over 20 years ago in Edmonton (and a coupla weeks in Calgary) when someone called Wayne Gretsky played a game with a bunch of people called the Oilers on skates (I may have some of my facts wrong)(but I don't think that was anything to do with what you write about)

I was there a while after the Mt St Helen's eruption and remember the amazing sunsets in the evening, I used to cycle around the gorge of a big river, I could go on and on but I'm probably boring you

I guess what I should have just said was: it's a real bummer when photoblogger is down, eh?!