Sentences you never thought you'd live to hear

"Former Edmonton mayor Jan Reimer is among six Canadian women who will be honoured"

From the Edmonton Journal (subscription only) article on this event.

These awards salute the contribution of Canadian women to the advancement
of women's equality and celebrate Canada's evolution as an inclusive society.
With the support of former Governor General Edward Schreyer, the awards were
instituted by the Government of Canada in 1979 to honour the 50th anniversary
of the Persons Case and the five Albertan women whose determination led to a
landmark victory in the struggle of Canadian women for equality.

Forget that the "Famous Five" (name them) were all actually a bunch of anti-alcohol racists, and forget that I've blogged about Ed Schreyer before, but what the hell does Jan Reimer have to do with the "Persons" case?

I guess somebody put her name forward on this page. Had to be somebody who thought Jan Reimer met the requirement of having to "continue the tradition of courage, integrity and hard work that the Famous Five of the Persons Case inspired". Now Reimer had a problem with fur trading and was probably anti-beaver, but I can't think of anything "extraordinary" about this list of acheivements.