Blogger.com conspiracy theroy

"Blogger beta will be not affected nor blogs that are hosted on the beta except for a few static images that we pull from www.blogger.com."

Well, a later update says "blogger and blogspot are back up", but this isn't true. I continue (as of 3:00am, the time of this post) to receive the following error when trying to post:

Seeing how this has been going on for several days now, is it not logical to assume that this is how Blogspot is intending to convince everybody to make the leap to Blogger Beta (and save them the trouble in automatically updating everybody's blog?) Make "regular" blogger so horrifically unreliable and unworkable that people will end up deciding that for the good of their blog they have no choice but to update? Only time will tell.

Update, 3:27am: See?


ABFreedom said...

The link took me to a page with no post, but I think their trying to force it as well. I will say one thing, however, publishing a post takes almost zero time. It's immediate.

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child said...

No, the post is there on the right sidebar after all of the blogroll ads and the likes.

ABFreedom said...

LOL ... ok .. guess that answers that question... :-)