The Bush Family and the Ferengi: One is an oft-carcitured race of capitalists alien to Hollywood writers, the other Star Trek aliens...

So I've literally been offline since my last Star Trek post playing Birth of the Federation (which I got to run in WinXP with few difficulties). I've briefly spent time eating/working/sleeping/drinking, but that's about it. Sad, I know.

Anyways, yesterday I used my day off to spend the whole day winning the game as the Ferengi. Oddly, the voice actor who plays the Ferengi announcer (not the Ferengi character, that's a different voice) sounds a lot like President George W. Bush. Like a lot like him. I mean, its actually kinda eerie. I'm trying to conquer the galaxy here, and every turn I'm hearing We have word from our diplomatic corps being dictated to me by the leader of the Free World (or a half-decent impersonator).

That led me to thinking. Could Bush spend 2009 getting work as a impersonator of himself? Pretty much every hack left-wing writer on the planet would love to get him as a talent. That is, of course, if Bush's dream job of MLB Commissioner doesn't come calling first, as it is generally assumed it will.

Speaking of which, I was going to do a baseball post tonight. This post took hours (its 11:28 now), so maybe tomorrow. ALDS rained out anyways.

Update, October 5 2006 8:09pm: I can't find much Google support for what I thought was a general assumption (this is often the case, however) but I did find what passes for commentary by the left these days. It's like a Maureen Dowd column without the authenticity of the masthead.