Raid a house unrelated to drugs and kill two people is all in a day's work for Edmonton City Police

The EPS nightmare of flagrant flat-out corruption saw another prime example today, as a fatality inquiry was told that EPS's raid on an apartment was done "perfectly". Not meaning to give away the ending, but two people, one of whom was 15 years old, died during the raid.

Now to be fair, they did die not from a gunshot wound or dog bite or taser shock or a left-hand turn on the Yellowhead -- the usual method of execution preferred by EPS. A flash-bang was used near the fourth floor balcony, and the men who were on it trying to escape fell to their deaths. EPS criminal lawyer Leona Tesar told the inquiry that the men were architects of their own fates.

In May, during a surprising last day of inquiry testimony, a former tactical officer disputed Allan's evidence that it was too late to stop his throw of the flash-bang once he saw the men climb over the railing.

Allan testified in 2004 that Pham and Miller "let go" of the railing after the device went off.

Const. Adam Morrison wrote a letter to the inquiry this year stating he had new evidence he was previously unable to talk about because he was under stress.

Morrison testified Allan privately told him that he threw the flash-bang, it hit the balcony's railing and went off at the same time as the men fell.

Morrison said Allan then started walking towards their bodies on the ground, intending to "put the boots to them."

Morrison has filed a $900,000 lawsuit against the police force claiming he was bullied and harassed by fellow members of the tactical unit. The allegations have yet to be proven in court.
So the corrupt cops harrass one of their own into submitting to the approved version of the story (that apparently doesn't involve police officers wanting to "put the boots" to men who had not been identified or charged and have just fallen some 35 feet to the concrete).

This is a good time I think to bring up a personal incident from a couple of months ago. A female acquaintance who I may have blogged about before was staying with a slightly abusive "sugar daddy" (remember that rental units in Edmonton are almost as hard to find as they are in New York at the moment). During one particularly violent incident, he choked her and threw a solid object at her child, whose age is in the single digits. Naturally, she phoned the police. Naturally, Edmonton Police Services violated several laws in the next few minutes. When they finished a brief talk with her, he went away with the officers in private for a little chat. When the chat was over, she was told by the officers that she was a liar, her daughter was a liar, and that if she called the police on him again she would be taken to jail and her daughter removed to social services. The sugar daddy than proceeded to take her belongings across the city near my place and throw them out in the rain. Now she tells me that he is "very persuasive", but the thing that stuck out in her mind is that in the past he had bragged about getting out of trouble by bribing members of Edmonton Police Services to enforce the peace selectively in his favour. He does have a fair bit of that Fort McMurray money (the "sugar" in sugar daddy in this case was the tune of about $600/week), and is somewhat of a sleezy character. Now obviously I have no proof (and its awfully hard to obtain, since she was unable to get so much as badge numbers off of them), but I am stating this categorically that again I am convinced that Edmonton Police is a force of evil in the City of Edmonton, and that I will actively oppose them at all turns. I already have twice over the past six weeks been in possession of information about people who were wanted by the police, in one case hiding a block away from his vehicle. I have done nothing to assist EPS in their actions, and will continue to do so until the crimes they are guilty of have been paid back in full, preferably with lethal consequences.