The Kenny Rogers interview

Tigers win tonight, series tied 1-1.

MLB.tv is showing Baseball Today after the game, and right now Kenny Rogers is being interviewed, mostly questions about a mysterious substance on his hands. Rogers says it was "just some dirt" and that he rubbed it off when he saw it, La Russa said the umpires told him to wash it off, and the FOX announcers said it was clearly pine tar.

Rogers is probably lying, but its probably irrelevent: his first inning was the worst he had all game, and that was the "foreign substance" inning. This is the greatest advertisement for pitching clean ever invented.

The highlight of the interview was just Rogers' response when he heard a question that he didn't like. "I don't like that one, next question" he would say to the female MLB staffer who was directing the postgame interviews, and she would instantly pick another media person to interview. Amazing what a couple of threatening incidents will do to make the sportsmedia compliant to your wishes, eh?

As a special preview, I plan to bring in something new for Third Edge of the Sword: I will be weblogging live during Game 4 on Thursday, so stay tuned.