I bombed Korea every night. My engine sang into the salty sky.

North Korea announced today that United Nations sanctions were an act of war.

From The Boston Globe:

Responding officially for the first time to UN sanctions over its Oct. 9 nuclear test, North Korea threatened fierce reprisals against any nation that attempts to enforce the sanctions resolution.

``The resolution cannot be construed otherwise than [as] a declaration of a war," the North Korean foreign ministry said in a statement. ``We will deliver merciless blows without hesitation to whoever tries to breach our sovereignty and right to survive under the excuse of carrying out the UN Security Council resolution."

This seems odd. For one thing, if North Korea wanted to do as they wished and still be left alone by the international community, the easiest thing for them to do would to be comply more or less with the wishes of the United Nations. The left-wing loves the U.N. to pieces, particularly the European and American left, and pretending to love going along with UN resolutions would keep them happy for decades. Or until they wipe out Tokyo. Whichever comes first, I guess. You don't even have to go along with all of the resolutions, or even at the end of the day go along with any of them...just go through the motions, and the appeasementers will do your political grunt work for you! (c.f. Iraq if you don't believe me)