Almost a good enough reason to watch The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos. Almost.

After almost smashing the TV in disgust at the sight of Belinda Stronach (I had inadvertently stopped on CBC -- one chance in 3 if you don't have cable -- while channel surfing, which is why I have two "what was on CBC tonight" posts in a row) on The Hour, I came back after a brief talk on the phone to find Strombowhothehellcares talking with "the quiet Python" Terry Gilliam. ["The Quiet Python"? The dude has directed almost a dozen movies, which kind of makes you "talkative" from a creative point of view. Why not "The American Python"? -ed]

What was one of Gilliam's first comments?

Well, I've never slept with a hockey player or anything like that.

Bonus link: Dopplegangland thinks the show is worth watching. Basically boiling down to "current affairs TV isn't liberal enough these days. If that wasn't enough, apparently all you have to do in his world is say "bigot" 53,000 times and that should suffice for shutting down any sort of debate on a topic (closing down posts for your blog always helps too). What's so wrong with hating sodomists?