Bars with hot waitresses missing out on chances for promotion

Having an instant messenger conversation with my buddy in GP (who I scored a huge win against in fantasy baseball earlier this fall), and he brought up his adventures in Grande Prairie sports bars:

> there is a waitress at Hammerhead's... where (edited) and I happen to be going in about an hour... who looks EXACTLY like her

> pouty lips, smoooth neck, heaving busom

> and they wear miniskirts and thinstrapped tanktops and hooker boots... it's a sight to behold

> plus we have this other waitress who loves us, Megan, aka Jiggles. She has massive tits, tight body, and knows how to sashay her ass as she climbs the stairs... which we conveniently have a table at the foot of
Wouldn't it be nice if bars like this had websites, with pictures of their attractive customer-obtaining staff?

Well this one does. Sadly, Miss Megan does not appear on it. An oversight, one supposes. The bar (which I have been to) has mostly BC locations, which leads to an obvious and odd question: Why does Quesnel and Victoria have Calgary Flames clad waitresses? Aren't they both pretty close to Vancouver? They do have a team, you know...