Coming up this week on Third Edge of the Sword

(in no particular order)

  1. More baseball! The ALCS and NLCS on as much as a game-by-game update as I can possibly fit in. Also the first offseason moves and Cory Lidle updates.
  2. North Korea has gone wacky. Will this mean more physics jobs available? Shall we all just die now to make it easier? Will people finally let the U.S. blow up an entire country already?
  3. The 400th Third Edge of the Sword posting is coming up fast! Extremely fast! Time for my regular roundup of a cent of posting.
  4. When Blogger Beta becomes blogger regular, I'm going to need some tags. An upcoming post will list all of the tags that this blog will be using when the time comes, and can be added to as need be.
  5. Thoughts on the nose-biting incident, the price of housing in Edmonton, and the likes.
  6. Anything else that jumps up at me.