Game 5 - no live blogging

Well, Game 5 is on in about 20-30 minutes. As I've discussed before, I can't do the live weblogging tonight because I have plans (that were rescheduled from Thursday). And I'm going to be cleaning during the first 2-4 innings, so I won't be able to catch that either. Regardless, it looks like game over for the Detroit Tigers. I'm still going out on a limb and predicting them to win it. Why? How? I'm not entirely sure. Last night's performance means that Ivan Rodriguez and Curtis Guillen are going to be given a wider berth from Weaver than would otherwise have been expected. Not sure if this is going to help much: Monroe and Ordonez continue to be miserable excuses for offensive ballplayers. Right now Seth & Bone are trying to say that the story of Game 4 is the Granderson slip (or maybe the Rodney error). Neither are likely to repeat, and here's to hoping that Detroit can go without many errors. That might just be the new "key to the game". The offense is starting to come in strides. Verlander isn't an ace pitcher, but he has the right stuff to silence large chunks of the St. Louis lineup. I think it might be my man-crush on him, but on the Detroit side look to Brandon Inge to be the potential hero for the Tigers. He's excellent at drawing walks from right handers and can play long ball or small ball depending on the situation. Last night we saw him force plays in order to get the pitcher through the order as quickly as possible. Quick aside: did Albert Pujols wear lipstick during his press conference last night? I just took a screencap that didn't work, but both Pujols had some red ones. Weird.

It's a pity I can't do the live weblogging tonight. Blogger photo uploading works (I still have to go back to the gameday post from lastnight and replace all the Flickr photos with blogger ones), and I've got more nachos.