Sunday morning rituals in Edmonton

  1. Start a pot of coffee and toast a bagel
  2. Start getting dressed for church
  3. Tidy up the small mess from last night's pizza party
  4. Read online newspapers to find out which bar the shooting was at last night
An IM from my Grande Prairie buddy reminded me to do the last one when I woke up this morning. Three killed in Edmonton nightclub shooting.

Do you want to know something seriously messed up? When he told me that there was another nightclub shooting, I went to news.google.ca to type "edmonton shooting" in the search string. As soon as I got to the "s", Firefox auto-completed based on previous search results: "edmonton shooting". Yes, that's right, you start looking up murders in Edmonton and your internet software has already been preconfigured to make this common task easier for you.
Police received a call about 2:30 a.m. Sunday from the Red Light Lounge at 100 Avenue and 105 St., Edmonton police spokesman Jeff Wuite told CTV Newsnet. The caller reported shots fired.

When police arrived at the scene, they found two adult male victims dead. Another male later died in hospital.

There are several more people being treated at hospital, Wuite said. One man is in serious condition and "all other injuries are considered to be minor."

Wuite also told The Canadian Press that it had been several months since at least three people were killed in one location, and in one incident.
But not too many months since Edmonton's last three murder day (which led to my brief foray into investigative journalism).

Update, 2:04pm: I have another post about EPS's own criminality and previous nightclub violence. In addition, I see this entry isn't making it into a lot of blogger search strings, so I'll add a bit here: Edmonton shooting downtown nightclub three dead several wounded.

Update, 2:12pm: A livejournal page reports that a person is seriously injured following a stabbing at another bar

Update, 4:19pm: An instant messenger contact informs me that her friend was at SideBar just off Whyte and that there was a person injured there following a shooting as well.

Update, October 30 2006 1:48am: A new post contains my updates on the subject from this point on.