Dear Sonic 102.9....

Your Now playing... feature has always been a highlight. If there's a song I've never heard before playing on the radio in my car, or walking down Whyte eminating from a bar's patio, or on the stereo at Mill Creek Ravine pool, all I have to do is note the time, and then can look it up hours later in the comfort of my own home.

But what would be super-duper of you would be to have it so that when I select a time from 12 hours previous, it gives me the chart of songs in either direction of that time. So that I can find out what played at, say, 7:52pm and also say 4 songs ahead of 7:52 and 5 songs behind 7:52. Not only would this small programming change hugely benefit somebody who knows it was approximately a certain time that a song was played, but also cut down on the number of HTTP send requests your server would be enduring as somebody goes back song-by-song for twelve stinking hours. Also stop replacing old photos! Some of us still enjoy a certain K-Days photo album you once had up...

Sincerely yours,
Some guy who rarely listens to you, won't give his real name,
and saved the K-days photo on his hard drive