The slow degeneration of comment spam

Check out the comments on this article from Steve Wu's "LawMeme" blog about record companies flooding fake files on filesharing networks like Limewire. (A topic I myself might cover someday).

Anyways, the comments begin legit.

This type of spoofing has been taking place for several years now. Remember the noise about the RIAA wanting a special vigilante law? Their PR spin was that it was to allow activities like this. Of course that was a lie since a) they were already doing this apparently without legal difficulties and b) the law allowed much more offensive actions like removing files and software or flooding network connections.

But then they quickly denigrate into unrelated spam about Gray Davis and the California Car Tax. Then the spam says something involving California colleges, until finally succumbing to the classic of German-inspired lousy p0rn ads:
die Reet is anders een gemene man... (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Sunday, April 03 @ 14:48:07 EDT
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And thusly did our nice respectable internet perish...