It is time to reveal my face to the world

Well, sort of:

Thanks to Loxy, I found how to show celebrity faces similar to mine using myHeritage.com's facial recognition software. I ran the test several times using different pictures. Here's how the results panned out:

Here I'm most proud of the comparison to Rowan Atkinson. There are far worse things out there to being similar to one of Britain's great national treasures. Some will argue that looking like one of America's great national treasures isn't too shabby either. But enough about Jensen Ackles....

Now actually in real life I have before been told by several (hopefully sober) women that I look like Val Kilmer, so I can accept this. I've been told I look like DiCaprio too, but I'm less proud of that. Fortunately I've never been compared to Jude Law, but sadly also never to Dwayne Johnson.

This photo again brought up Ackles for some reason along with with Professor Xavier and the guy who lost out to play The Joker. Huh.

Now I look like the guy who actually will play Joker in The Dark Knight in '08. Also Mr. Tea Leoni, Obi-Wan Kanobi, and a guy who had super powers and still couldn't do better than Carrie-Ann Moss.

Finally, we see a few other faces I resemble. Tragically, the names and percentages are lost. But I do end up apparently resembling an Oscar-speech giving left-wing menace (am I talking about Dave Chappelle or George Clooney? you decide!), the evil pharoh guy from The Mummy and some no-names I can't recognize.

Other names I resembled in other photos include Pierce Brosnan, Ryan Reynolds, Henry Cavill, Oded Fehr, Johnny Depp, Paul Walker, Jay Hernandez, M. Night Shyamalan, Wolfgang Pauli(!), Vince Vaughn, Jack Osbourne, Seann William Scott, Eminem, Ashton Kutcher, Hayden Christiansen, George Harrison, Matthew Fox, Brad Richards, and Brad Pitt (my most common celebrity resemblance, so I'm told)

So just for fun, here's what happens when I select female resemblances:

Minnie Driver's whoppingly high score is a little scary: I had Nicole Kidman and Natalie Imbruglia ranked over 80% in another picture I had used as well. All in all though, if I was a chick I'd be pretty hot. And more than a little psychotic, which goes without saying.

(Other women I resemble include Jordana Brewster, Fernanda Tavares, Jena Malone, Norma Shearer, and Elena Paparizou)


Anonymous said...

I noticed your post on Steve Janke's column....sorry to not post there, but for some reason the comments don't work. Just wanted to mention that the pensions of veterans do not belong to the government or the taxpayers, but rather to the veterans and their widows themselves. Making it neither a 'right' or 'left' issue, but rather a 'correct' one.