Rain delays: why it's tragic that the World Series will likely never be Houston vs. Seattle

Yes, the NCLS is rain-delayed. I guess to be fair, Houston would need an NL opponent with a domed stadium: so every year we need Houston/Milwaukee vs. Houston/Arizona in the league championships. I was all excited about being able to watch Game 5: now I'm going to have to watch an old game on MLB.tv. I have decided to pick the June 28th 2006 Brewers-Cubs game just for the fun of it (and to stay in the National League).

Have a good night.

Update, 10:35 pm: Carlos Marmel just struck out his 5th batter of the night (he only got 59 K's all year) to end the top of the 5th inning in the Cubs-Brewers game. It's now at the 1:25:36 mark according to MLB.tv, which is of no interest to anyone but me. But I'll watch the rest of the game tomorrow.


WomanHonorThyself said...

aw its pouring here too if thats any consolation..lol..will add ya to my blogroll if I havent already..:)