Housekeeping blog updates

Just a couple of post updates:

- The recent live weblogging of World Series Game 4 has been redone with all the photos hosted on Blogger rather than Flickr, the way I wanted to do it when photo uploading didn't work on gamenight.

- The old posts on the Alberta Navy and Air Force and Alberta Army and Marine Corps have been updated with links to the 3rd post in the series (factoring in annexing much of the north). I just linked to the Navy post on ABF's website, so it only makes sense to ensure that the internal navigation links are completed.

- Update, 5:51pm: I also had a busy post about the Koran and decided to link to my other uses of expressing the belief that Islam is a false religion spawned by Satan himself and delivered to earth by his evil prophet Mohammed and the satanic book The Koran

Update, 5:41pm: ABF has posted a portion of my Alberta military related comment onto the main page (along with my atrocious use of improper suffix), and I think this also a good time to mention that I could have liveblogged Game 5 after all: "the call" didn't come until right near the end of the game. I also could have used the rest of my cool graphics library, including this shot I'm particularly proud of about So Taguchi:


ABFreedom said...

Well thanks dude ... I'll move your link into the article....

One of these days I'll have to get more into sports, so i figure some of your stuff out... :-(

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child said...

Thanks... while you're at it, wanna change "expression" to "expressing" so I don't look completely illiterate? (I really need to proofread my own work...I find this stuff in old blogposts all the time)

ABFreedom said...

LOL.... done ... I do that all the time myself ... sometimes, it would be nice to have the time to read and respond properly ... :-(